Amazing İzmir

In the summer of 2016 we were lucky enough to spend a day in İzmir and explore the central area along the coastline which was beautiful. The weather was gloriously hot – so hot in fact that I thought I was going to melt at some points! But it was great, I had my factor 50 sunscreen on, so I was prepped to face the near 40 degree heat.

İzmir is the third largest city in Turkey, and it’s situated on the Aegean coast. The city is very liberal and westernised. I loved being able to walk along the boardwalk by the sea, looking out across the water, especially as the sun set in the evening.

We started our day by visiting the famous İzmir clocktower (Saat Kulesi), one of the landmarks that the city is best known for. There was quite a lot of security around the clocktower because it was not even two weeks after the attempted coup that we visited the city, so everyone was alert. Nevertheless, I loved getting to look at the tower, and took plenty of pictures of it.

The clocktower

Later on, we took a really long walk along the boardwalk (Kordonboyu). There were hundreds of other people who had decided to do the same. It’s no wonder, since the area really is beautiful.

The boardwalk along the Aegean Sea

We stopped for cold drinks and ice creams which were definitely necessary! The weather was so hot, and nothing can beat a cold ice tea on the hottest of days. We even visited this cool café that specialised in games, so you could play a board game whilst you ate or drank.

At the end of the boardwalk, we came across the İzmir sign, so of course had to have our picture with it. There were actually two of these signs, one at either end of the boardwalk – we had our picture with both of them, but this one was nicer I think because it’s also got a park right behind it.

Us two with the sign

Towards the evening, we started to get hungry so decided that it was time for food. And not just any food… steak! We walked back along the boardwalk to Konak Pier where we wanted to get our food. Whilst we were walking, the sun was setting and it looked so beautiful across the sea.


Sunsets across the Aegean

The restaurant we chose was right at the end of Konak Pier and sold the yummiest steaks. By this point the sun had already set, but the weather was still so warm so we sat looking out across the water to the lights on the sea shore, and watched boats coming in and setting off whilst we ate. It was the perfect meal, and the perfect end to the day.



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